Ways to reduce sun glare while Driving

The sunny side of the street might also be the more dangerous side if drivers fail to take precautionary steps to fight sun glare while driving. Sun glare is becoming more of a factor this time of year due to the recent start of daylight saving time and the timing of daily commutes. Drivers who […]

Top 5 Women Eyewear Trends 2015-16

Top 5 Women Eyewear Trends 2015-16 As many of us complain of the unforgiving extreme climate in India, the perennial sunshine gives us even more reasons to sport those glamorous sunglasses! and while we look out for more reasons to head outdoors, protecting your eyes from the sun becomes even more important. If stylish boots, […]

Shade changing Sunglasses

Shade changing Sunglasses Review Lately, igear eyewear has launched its all new innovative range of products which includes both sunglasses and reading glasses, igear has been working for past many years on creating a revolutionary product, the designers of the product had a thought in mind, that how would it be if there is a sunglass […]

History of Eyewear ?

History of Eyewear ?   What started as an object to fill very important health function has evolved to the object of fashion. Since glasses were put onto a face from their inception lots of consideration was given to their look, lightweight and comfort. In 1907 Professor Berthold Laufer, a German-American anthropologist, stated in his […]